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ISS Position Tracker 3D

1.12 usd

Where is the International Space Station right now? What part of our planet can Tim Peake see?An ISS position tracking app like no other...
This app shows a model of the actual ISS, rendered in beautiful 3D space, displaying its current position in real time and updated from the Zarya feed once a day (for course corrections). You can zoom in and out of the space station and rotate around it for the perfect angle of view. Keep an eye out for stunning visual sunrises and sunsets every 92 minutes!
A huge thank you to those that have purchased the app so far. Be a pioneer, buy the app and help us improve it with feedback and feature suggestions.
Coming soon; the moon ... literally! We're adding the moon into the scene. Also the occasional appearance of the Soyuz module docking.
This app requires a small regular call out to the Zarya API feed for accurate positioning. It will still work even if it's not able to make an update, but the position may not be true to the actual ISS.
Works on phones, phablets, 7" tablets, 10" tablets in landscape and portrait; we want you to enjoy this app so please let us know if you have any problems and we will do our best to help.
Brought to you by the brave digital pioneers at the CandyCode Space Agency.